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Brief Summary of Our Current Ministries

Angelic Choir

Cynthia Hall, Director

Choir for all children ages 5-15. Practices every Sunday immediately following Children's Church @11:25 in Choir Room.


Archival Committee

Yvette Scales, Chair

Meets every Monday @ 10:00am to collect, describe and preserve the history of our church for display and storage. Committee received a Texas Historical Marker for out 100th year anniversary (placed on church campus) from the Texas Historical Commission.


Bible Study

Pastor Keith Edwards

Meets Tuesdays @ noon and 6:00pm at the Community Center(New Testament/Old Testament) conducted by the pastor or designated member.


Board of Trustees

Dr. Mary Ashley, Chair

Duly elected members who are responsible for the care and custody of the church's property - both personal and real, managing church finances and building and grounds. Meets third Monday of every month @6:30 pm in the Community Center Board Room.


Buddyship Ministry

Mrs. Nanette Edwards

A 90-day commitment by volunteer members to make contact and follow-up on commitment to make new members welcome. To identify interests, talents and special needs to help new membets glorify God in the life of the church.


Christian Education Ministries

JAM, Sunday School, Bible Study, Movie Ministry, Kidbuilderz, Prayer Chain, Book Club, Vacation Bible School (VBS)

Judy Dawson, Chair; Henry Henson, Vice Chair; Pastor Edwards, Advisor

Umbrella organization for eight separate ministries that focus on the spiritual/practical education of our members (adults, children and youth) about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ through regular bible study, corporate and individual prayer, music, meditation, camping, community service, arts and crafts, and fun. Meets every Friday @ 8:30am.


Church Council

Diedra Brown Hamilton, Chair

Duly elected members who are responsible for the day to day governance of the church. Council establishes policies and procedures and it approves and evaluates church ministries and programs. Council manages church activities and serves as the "voice" of church members in the affairs of the church. Conducts Quarterly, Annual and special meetings required by the Church Constitution. Meets third Thursday of every month @6:30 pm in the Community Center Board Room.


Diaconate Ministry

Rev. Jasmine Quinerly and Pastor Keith Edwards

Leading in church ministry, our Deacons serve at Sunday morning worship service. Responsible for coordinating prayers of invocation, litany readings,serving communion, sick and shut in visitation and one on one prayer. Responsible for dedications, baptism and new member orientation.


Graduate Recognition

Susan Guess and Pastor Keith Edwards

Responsible for identifying high school, college and advanced degree graduates each year. Plans, develops and executes celebratory activities including , recognition program, gifts and dinner for all graduates.



Judy Dawson, Pastor Edwards, Advisor

JAM offers Sunday morning bible study classes to children and youth ages 5-18. JAM uses the popular, interactive Sunday School curricula which features music, videos, maps, arts and crafts, and other interactive material. Classes are conducted during regular church service from 11:00 AM to 11:45 AM on ONLY 2nd - 4th Sundays. Children worship with parents on 1st and 5th Sunday.


Kidbuilderz - Children ages 5-12 years

Necole Campbell,

Youth organization headed by lay Moms and Dads dedicated to the spiritual growth and development of our children and youth as they learn about the life of Jesus Christ. Provides an atmosphere to explore and engage in Christian friendships. Kidbuilderz believes that giving children the opportunity to PLAY together helps them WORK together in other church ministries. Children are taught to practice good Christian behavior through activities such as camping, field trips, community service and bible study.


Manna House

Nantte Edwards

Manna House is a community food pantry. It is a co-op of seven churches: Wheeler Avenue Baptist, St. James Episcopal, Pilgrim CUCC, University Presbyterian, St. Mary of the Purification Catholic, Covenant Baptist and St. Luke Episcopal. The organization is dedicated to providing food and sustenance to those in need.


Music Ministry

Cynthia Hall

The mission of the Music Department is to: provide an effective and spiritual music program that will enhance the worship services, meet the needs of the church at large and ultimately, give God our best so that He will be glorified. Provides worship service music for Sunday worship, and numerous special services such as revival, concerts, etc. PCUCC has three choirs: The Chancel Choir, Men's Choirs, Mass Choir of PCUCC.


Pilgrim Housing Development Corporation

Pilgrim Housing and Development Corporation (PHDC) orchestrates the planning, construction and management of senior and disabled low income housing in the greater Houston Area. PHDC's first complex of 120 units, Pilgrim Place I, opened in 1980 under the sponsorship of Pilgrim Congregational United Church of Christ. After the success of Pilgrim Place I, PHDC completed Pilgrim Place II and Pilgrim Place III, with plans to build Pilgrim Place IV this year. PHDC provides its low income, senior, and disabled clients with quality service and support. Pilgrim Place I, Pilgrim Place II, and Pilgrim Place III senior residents and persons with disabilities receive resident support services, training, mediation, and other assistance to meet their needs, including financial assistance by The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.


Pilgrim Laymen

Bart Butler

Lay men's ministry is committed to offering time, talent and resources to help men discover the movement of God in their lives through prayer, bible study and spiritual friendship. Provide special financial support for the church. Sponsor a monthly Sunday breakfast each 4th Sunday.


Pilgrim Pioneers

Leola Petite

Pilgrim Pioneers supplement and enrich members lives through high interest activities, promote education and fellowship by providing day trips to area sites and hope to increase church contact with Day Care Center children and personnel through periodic programs and activities.


Pilgrim Place I, II, III

Pilgrim's housing units for the elderly.


Pilgrim Sisters United

Chelsey Hall
PSU unites the women of Pilgrim for the purpose of strengthening Christian values by fostering spiritual growth through worship, study and service. PSU promotes Christian service at home, in the church and in the world, as it creates an environment to guide and assist women into leadership roles at all levels of the United Church of Christ. Responsible for Women's Emphasis Month activities which include Women's Day, special worship services, luncheon and sponsorship of the Gwen Cloyd Scholarship Fund.


Prayer Chain

Henry Henson

A group of dedicated women and men who meet regularly for bible study, prayer and meditation via readings and in-depth discussions of great classical Christian thoughts of some of the earliest Christian writers from 3rd century to contemporary times. Sponsors Prayer Vigils and New Years Eve Watch Night Service. Meets every 1st and 3rd Saturday @ 8:00 am in the John D. Moore Chapel


Social Action Outreach

Regina Schmahl

A ministry responsible for keeping the church informed of social issues such as justice and freedom in the local community, state, nation and the world; concerns related to alcoholism, child abuse or spousal abuse; poverty; issues facing the church, and concerns with the education of our children and expressing the Church's views to all levels of government. Dedicated to the aid, comfort and salvation of those who are incarcerated. Members regularly correspond with and visit men and women in prison, and advocate for those on death row.



Dr. Mary Ashley, Chair

STAMPS is an in--house ministry where in the entire church participates donating cards and stamps to provide a venue for keeping in touch with our members, their families or friends who are sick, bereaved, home bound, in prison and etc. The goal is to help:

            Stamp out loneliness

            Stamp out rejection

            Stamp out sadness

            Stamp out isolation

            Stamp out unawareness of church happenings

There are no meetings but everyone is responsible for providing names of persons who may benefit from a card. The chair then mails out a card to the requested person.

Stewardship Ministry


The mission of the stewardship committee is to invite and encourage our members to examine the process by which people are enriched as they learn to deal responsibly with their time, talents and resources in light of God's gifts to them; sponsor special fundraising activities such as Our Church's Wider Mission, One Great Hour of Serving, Neighbors in Need.


Sunday School

Judy Dawson

Traditional Sunday School bible study classes features in-depth study of scripture using church lectionary lessons from the Old testament and New Testament. Students use books containing weekly lessons featuring scripture readings and summary expositions. Classes are lively, interactive and focus on how to apply lessons from scripture to our daily lives and struggles.

The following classes are offered: Women's Enrichment, Men's Traditional, Hazel Samedo Group.


Usher Board

Kim Lewis

Group of lay members who are responsible for welcoming arriving church members and guests to Sunday service, distributing Sunday worship bulletins, assisting and directing members and guests with seating, collecting all offerings, maintaining the order flow of communicants to the altar, recording worship attendance, and aiding the clergy as needed.


Web Site and Communications Ministry

Judy Dawson, Coordinator

Our purpose is to seek out new ways to bring individuals to Christ via interactive media.


Youth Department Ministries

Pastor Keith Edwards and Kim Mayes

The Youth Department's purpose is to unconditionally represent the Good News of Jesus Christ and holistically meet the needs of youth in the Third Ward area of Houston, TX. Youth Department features such activities as Movie Night, Lock-ins, Youth Bible Study, Vacation Bible School, Easter Plays, Christmas Plays, Summer Camp @ Young Life, Hands Across Houston, etc.

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